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Welcome to AK Anarchy

We are an online gaming community primarily focused on PC gaming. We try our best to stream as much as possible.
We play most mainstream games such as PUBG, GTA and Rust and we catch some pretty funny stuff sometimes. Please be sure to check us out on social media by searching google for AK Anarchy.
The YouTube channel has been around since April 2015 and we continue to upload and stream while holding no schedule.

Here at AK Anarchy we like to think we can connect with our audience but we're still attempting to grow our current subscribers with a goal of 1000 subscribers so please share us with your friends to help us out!





Games We Play

These are the games that we stream


We sometimes mess around in GTA Online, we like to go on heists and fly around.
We catch some funny moments.


Sometimes solo, however mostly with other members of AK Anarchy.
Survival at its finest.

Rocket League

Some of us play this car based football game.
It's pretty fun and can get intense online.


Counter Strike: Global Offensive is fastly becoming one of the most played games on AK Anarchy.
Great fun.


Many of us play PlayerUnknowns Battle Grounds, we're not the best but we get the job done.

Who's online

If our gamers are online you can find them either here or on the Who's live page.